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ESG Perspective

ESG Perspective

Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) are intensely embedded in the core values of VFS Capital. ESG is the principal component for examining the company's ethical values and sustainability impact. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of VFS Capital's work culture; the enterprise even drives one step further to assess the performance of its environmental, social, and governance practices to cater value through sustainability to the stakeholders and the entire community.

As social welfare is at the core of our all-inclusive initiatives, ESG helps us to specify benchmarks to measure good investment; through these endeavours, we bring a positive change to society. We provide a sustainable, inclusive, value-driven output to strengthen the socio-economic state of the underprivileged segment, community, and society. We extended our hands to offer financial inclusiveness to the marginalized people who are on the verge of financial exclusion. We aim to cultivate sustainable development by interweaving the strings of the ESG through a framework based on the people, planet, and profit model.


VFS Capital has endeavoured sustainable environmental initiatives to diminish carbon emissions by introducing procedures and products devoid of carbon-emission risks. We spread environmental awareness among the communities about ecological aspects in the Customer Awareness Training (CAT) sessions. We support the communities to build a greener and the more promising world by planting trees in their localities and dwellings.


Social development is at the heart of the VFS Capital. We have transformed half a million people's lives by uplifting their living standards through financial support and other essential sustainable aid-driven solutions. Our core objective is to facilitate women's empowerment to transform their lives and ensure their sustainable growth in society. We are determined to bring total conversion into the community to deliver financial inclusion through the upliftment of women to embark on their entrepreneurship venture to lead a life with dignity and self-esteem. As women are the pillars of the family, spreading awareness among them ensures a qualitative transformation in their lives, including the wellbeing and health of the households. We address several social issues and provide financial literacy through CAT sessions. The leadership programmes, medical workshops, and several other sustainable initiatives are part of our social development schemes. VFS Capital also stimulates the company values within its workforce to contribute to the diverse communities.


Our corporate culture is guided by deep-rooted core values - commitment, integrity, social responsibility, transparency, vision and mission, fair practice, and ethics. VFS Capital has implanted the ESG guidelines in its organizational procedures, controls, and operational practices to establish itself as a sustainable enterprise. We strictly adhere to the legal compliances, conduct audits, and evaluate the ESG practices to assess the efficacy by integrating Management Information System (MIS), Information Technology (IT) strategies, and corporate governance software for effective management of our ESG framework.

We place the ESG metrics at the radical point of our holistic approach to incorporate our future goals; economic and societal progression for sustainability and growth of impoverished people. VFS Capital has undertaken an ESG framework with a sustainable vision and long-term strategy to solve the challenges of today for a better tomorrow.