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Corporate Social Responsibity

Corporate Social Responsibity

Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) entrenches VFS Capital's core values, vision and mission profoundly. CSR is cultivated through its constitutional goals to nurture entrepreneurial competency of the underprivileged segments on the grassroots level of society to generate empowerment opportunities, livelihood-generating practices for their socio-economic development, and poverty alleviation. VFS Capital provides financial assistance and related entrepreneurial support systems to foster the economic sovereignty of marginalized women for promoting gender equality and sustainable living.

CSR is at the heart of VFS Capital's corporate culture. It endeavours to sustain the emphatic CSR activities through holistic development, inclusive growth, and dynamic support services in a fair, transparent, and ethical manner across all functional groups and geographies.

VFS Capital’s CSR activities are constituted on five foundation stones to initiate strategic aids for socio-economic welfare, poverty reduction, and elevate the standard of living of the impoverished people.

Key focus areas

Public amenities, health, and hygiene

Public health is one of the core objectives of VFS's CSR activities. VFS Capital provides drinking water facilities in public places, hospitals, schools, and bus stands through the installation of water connections and public taps, as water is the most basic necessity of human life.

Fencing electric transformers and installing road signals are part of our CSR activities as public safety is the foremost consideration of VFS Capital. VFS's aspiration of providing qualitative life to marginalized people is achievable through improving public health and hygiene. VFS takes responsive approaches in supporting public awareness programmes, PHCs & maternity homes, cleaning public places, clearing garbage dumps, providing dust bins, improving drainage systems, area-spraying for malaria, chikungunya, dengue, and more.

Community infrastructure development projects

VFS incorporates various community infrastructure development projects to promote sustainable development in the rural geographies of our nation through small-scale constructions and renovation of schools; anganwadis or crèches, public libraries, public toilets, public parks, foot over-bridges, renovation of existing damaged infrastructure, sheds of bus stands and more.

Advocating education

VFS advocates education, including sensitization of the girl child education by developing facilities in schools and anganwadis and providing merit scholarships for technical education.

Social welfare

VFS is committed to bringing positive change into society through various relief programmes and facilities for mentally or physically challenged people, orphanages, old-age homes, and other relevant CSR initiatives as stated under the Companies Act, 2013.

Environmental projects

Guided by sustainable environmental principles, VFS Capital installs solar lumps in public places and hospitals, replenishes bore-well pits, promotes conservation of natural resources and maintains the quality of soil, air and water.

VFS Capital facilitates CSR initiatives through sustainable goals to eradicate hunger, alleviate poverty, ensure access to safe drinking water, propagate preventive healthcare measures, and deliver adequate sanitation facilities. The enterprise designs innovative entrepreneurial programmes and vocational skill development for women's empowerment to propagate gender equality and endorse education through integrated sustainable aid-driven solutions.