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Message from MD & CEO

Message From MD & CEO
Message From MD & CEO

I am writing this message on behalf of the VFS Family — 1,650 employees and its close to half a million customers spread over 246 branches across 13 states.

We are Eastern India’s oldest microfinance entity. For the past 40 years, we have been striving to change the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid — not by lending money alone but by handholding them into their entrepreneurial journey.

I will lie if I say that we don’t believe in making profits. Indeed, we are a profitable organisation which keeps in mind interests of all its stakeholders, but we do not believe in profiteering. While our focus is to bring in more and more customers under our fold, expand our footprints across the nation, and offer more products to meet the financial needs of our borrowers, I assure you, on behalf of the VFS Family, that we will never deviate from the path of governance and ethics. We believe what makes an institution is its respect for governance. While we continue to experiment with our business model and product offerings, we will not do that only to add to our bottomline; we will do that to change the lives of our customers. We exist because of them.