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Customer Awareness Training (CAT)

Customer Awareness Training (CAT)

Microfinance is a high-touch model which requires a greater extent of social and human connection. Providing financial support to the underprivileged segment is only one aspect of microfinance. VFS Capital implements holistic support services to empower the borrowers by guiding them for productive credit channelization to become self-sustaining. Customer Awareness Training (CAT) programmes are our initiative for the financial inclusion of impoverished people, especially women, encouraging diversity, promoting gender equality, social welfare activities, and mitigating health and other social issues.

Customer Awareness Training (CAT) sessions facilitate financial literacy among the customer groups regarding the methodology of loans, utilization of the credits, and repayment procedures. We regularly hold training programmes at all our branches to spread financial awareness among our customers, provide them access to credits for income generation, guidance to reform their livelihood, harness their entrepreneurial capabilities, and develop their overall competence to become self-reliant.

VFS Capital provides unsecured loans to the underprivileged segments, which derive from the trust and creditworthiness of the borrowers as they do not need to produce any collateral. CAT programmes scale down the risk exposures by educating the customers about the responsive usage of the loans for their sustainable socio-economic advancement. The training sessions aim to outspread customer awareness for developing their financial understanding to create an ethical loan culture.

VFS is committed to bringing comprehensive transformation in the lives of the underserved by propagating health awareness through CAT programmes, as sustainable living begins with good health. Health awareness includes individual health issues, women's health and menstrual hygiene, water-borne diseases, and procedures to access VFS's medical consultation cover available for the borrowers.

CAT sessions are the holistic approach of VFS Capital to encourage financial inclusion and diversity and disseminate awareness for the development of the community through social, economic and environmental sustainability. CAT programmes offer platforms for the local groups to bring forth their day-to-day problems or local issues. VFS imparts social awareness for strategic management of agricultural resources, preservation of water bodies, restoration of natural resources, conservation of nature and plantation drives for a greener world. CAT sessions are elemental as VFS Capital is committed to bringing comprehensive transition in the society and lives of the underserved people through empowerment and integrated support services to alleviate poverty.